Ghost Hunters began production on March 2014 to July 2014. for a October 21, 2014 realese. it stars JoJo Siwa Kasey Grooms Emma Starks. it will realse on DVD March 18, 2015.


A 13-year old girl (Kasey Grooms) has powers and has to stop a 1,000 year old 10-year old witch (Emma Starks) before she destroys the whole universe.


  • Kasey Grooms as Maranda
  • Jacob Miller as Jayden Totter
  • JOJO Siwa as Taylor
  • Emma Starks as Maranda (Witch)
  • TBA as Mom
  • TBA as Dad
  • TBA as Momma Witch
  • TBA as Football Dude 1#
  • TBA as Football Dude 2#
  • TBA as Girl in Dress


  • This film got 45.8 millon views nationwide an 10,000,000 in the office box.
  • There will be a seqeul coming in 2016 called "Ghost Hunters 2: Back Baby" or in 2017.